JD Janitorial Cleaning Services

We provide one of the best cleaning services for home, office, move-outs and more! We can take on any job at any time. All equipment is included at no extra charge. Please call us today for a FREE ESTIMATE. 

Green cleaning

We do spotless detailed cleaning as if it was our own property.

               Janitorial services

The services we provide are move- outs on commercial and residential property, hands on home cleaning, and any other inside needed that may be requested. 

Satisfaction guaranteed

We are licensed, owned,and operated cleaning service.We began in 1999 due to the help of a few family's in the community.


Our staff

Theresa Holt





Free Consultation

This is a special offer available to your customers. Free estimates are provided call (910) 728-7511 to get your's today.

Our history

The beginning JD janitorial inc. began in 1999 when I decided that I wanted to become a business owner and thought cleaning would be great because it was something I loved to do. Infatuated with the cleanliness of things and through the years the business has been able to grow and my staff and I have gained trust with not only customers but their family's which I feel is very important in a business aspect.

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